Made for Professionals

Owner, Developer, Contractor, Architect or other professionals in the trade, LG commercial and institutional air conditioning technologies are built with you in mind.

When flexible and innovative HVAC solutions that are going to perform in demanding situations are part of the specs, LG is the answer. Whether you are building for hospitality, multi-family, mixed use commercial or assisted living, LG VRF technology is a great fit. Preparing for your needs is what we do best.

We have a variety of sustainable solutions available for your next project. We can share ways to save on costs and energy use. You may even pick up LEED® credits along the way. Keeping your eye on the future of development trends, LG HVAC is with you every step of the way.

Find out how LG inverter technology creates a comfortable space.

LG is bringing innovative HVAC products to the Hospitality industry.

Take a look at the different indoor unit styles LG offers.

LG DOAS lets you ventilate air from the outside into your building.

It’s simple and easy to keep residents and guests warm with LG HVAC technology.

LG VRF Technology helps you attain better energy efficiency with your HVAC system.

Understanding how to keep your building ventilated with an HVAC system.

How to get the most out of your VRF and DOAS system from LG.

See how LG helped out The Sinclair Hotel in Fort Worth, TX.

See how LG helped out the Ebell in Los Angeles, CA.

The LG DOAS system pulls outside air into your building for occupant comfort
With many innovative features, the LG Multi VTM 5 is the backbone of our VRF systems
The LG MultiSITETM Connectivity Suite provides the data you need to optimize your system
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Learn more about LG VRF Technology and what it might be able to do for you

LEED is a registered trademark of the U.S. Green Building Council, Inc.