Why LG?

Efficiency, beautiful design, and control.


Higher standards make for better projects.

If you are looking for an ENERGY STAR® certified HVAC solution, LG has a variety of choices. Our innovative LG inverter variable-speed units like the Multi V S® are quieter and can use less energy than conventional air conditioners.
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Less energy. More comfort.

Our commitment to sustainability ensures that we strive for minimal environmental impact while staying faithful to the values of our customers, business partners, employees and communities. And that applies to our commercial HVAC systems from production, through life cycle to disposal.

For example, our innovative R1 scroll compressor is the key to keeping your building comfortable while maintaining efficiency. The compressor is designed for enhanced performance with both a higher output and wider operating range than standard systems. Additionally, the R1 scroll compressor provides longer run cycles allowing for improved air quality.

What does all this mean for you? That LG is aligned with your goals for sustainability, both today and in the future.

Consider your resident’s comfort when planning your next project. There is more to the guest or tenant experience than just having an HVAC system. You want to deliver a comfort experience that exceeds expectations.


Offering new solutions

As part of our goals to sustainability and efficiency, LG is committed to building products with electrification in mind that may not have previously been available in certain areas due to extreme cold or heat. Electrified HVAC systems that are all or at least partially wind, solar or battery powered by your utility create an alternative that provides a less polluting option compared to fossil fuels. With our LGRED° (Reliable to Extreme Degrees) product line you now have electrification options for your commercial HVAC system instead of relying on fossil fuel energy sources. Offering an operating range from 122°F down to -22°F for LG commercial products and down to -13°F for LG residential products, this can help with scoring your building and becoming LEED® certified.
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Plays well with your plans.

LG has a variety of systems that are compatible with your design plans for a retro-fit, remodel or brand new construction. From ducted to duct-free, and even a hybrid of both, LG HVAC sets itself apart from conventional HVAC systems by offering the flexibility and freedom modern projects demand. We have the options to make your comfort control system conform to your situation, not the other way around.

LEED is a registered trademark of the U.S. Green Building Council, Inc.