Create an ideal environment for guests

Whether for business or pleasure, when people visit your hotel, you want them feeling their best. Because when they feel comfortable and satisfied, they’re going to provide positive reviews and recommendations – which means a better bottom line for your business.

That’s where LG’s Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems offer value and performance for creating the right setting for your guests. And when paired with the LG MultiSITE™ Connectivity Suite it brings a whole new level of system information, control and choice for hotels.

Meet the LG MultiSITE™ Connectivity Suite

This new intelligent integration provides greater access to the efficiencies of LG VRF technology without sacrificing flexibility, preference or performance. LG MultiSITE Connectivity Suite was designed to meet the commercial needs of customers in a variety of sectors like hospitality and other multi-unit buildings.

Plus, LG’s collaborative approach with leading suppliers in the hospitality sector has enabled a number of open connectivity solutions, including the first open Zigbee® (HA1.2/Z3.0) wireless integration with the industry-leading LG Multi V 5 indoor unit. LG has developed a dongle to connect this wireless solution with compatible third-party thermostats and IoT devices.

LG's MultiSITE™ Communications Manager

MultiSITE™ Communications Manager

LG's ACP BACnet® Gateway

ACP BACnet® Gateway

We offer multiple wireless and wired solutions with the LG MultiSITE™ Connectivity Suite, including a wired Modbus® option enabling digital information exchange and adjustment of key comfort parameters with Multi V™ 5 indoor units.

Additionally, the LG MultiSITE™ Connectivity Suite gives property managers the ability to preset preferences for occupants to maximize the guest experience or control the temperature and humidity levels of unoccupied rooms for their own cost benefit.

1Give relaxation

Your guests appreciate a good night’s sleep,
with minimal noise. LG’s VRF systems are an
excellent choice with indoor and outdoor
units engineered to deliver a peaceful
environment. And with our modern style
units, they’ll fit perfectly within your overall
design scheme.

2Take control

With LG’s MultiSITETM Connectivity Suite, you can seamlessly
integrate your data stream and manage the indoor environment
from your desktop within an existing IP framework. Stay on top of
situations so they don’t become larger problems, and track your
HVAC performance over time.

Illustrated cross-section of one hotel level, including living and shared common areas.

3Your preference

LG has developed a variety of open connectivity
solutions, including a dongle that provides the first open
Zigbee® (HA1.2/Z3.0) wireless integration compatible
with third-party thermostats and IoT devices.

4Maximize space & ROI

Hospitality is about squeezing every usable
square foot out of space, and the LG Multi VTM 5 exceeds expectations. With their smaller footprint, lighter weight, and longer refrigerant piping capabilities our units have been placed on rooftops and next to recreation areas due to their smaller footprint and low sound operation.

When paired with LG’s VRF systems for vertical integration, hoteliers and developers benefit from lower installation cost which is key to the financial viability of retrofit projects.

Zigbee® is a registered trademark of the Connectivity Standards Alliance

Modbus® is a registered trademark of Modicon/Schneider Electric

BACnet® is a registered trademark of of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)