Keep your residents satisfied

When you need to create a comfortable environment across a multi-unit building like a senior living facility or apartment complex, LG air conditioning technologies deliver with control and multiple products to meet your occupants’ expectations.

Given the unique needs your project may have depending on the focus, you want to be able to rely on the HVAC system to provide consistent temperatures not only for the common areas, but for individual rooms as well.

Meet the LG Multi V™ 5

The Multi V™ 5 is the backbone of LG’s VRF systems and provides up to 20 tons in a single frame, allowing for a wide variety of flexible applications and installation options for your new commercial construction or retrofit. Additionally, the Multi V™ 5 has an expansive operating range with our LGRED° technology included standard – continuous heating performance in ambient conditions down to -22°F and cooling up to 122°F. It also has a smaller footprint requirement that helps reduce installation costs.
LG Multi V™ 5 HVAC unit

LG Multi V™ 5 Innovations Include:

Illustrated icon of a green and grey half sun/half snowflake

Advanced Smart Load Control

Automatically adjusts system target pressures based on operating conditions to further improve efficiency

Illustrated icon of a heater radiating heat

Intelligent Heating Technology

Works to minimize energy consumption for defrosting by preventing frost build up from happening

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Biomimetic Fan Design

Efficient airflow with lower sound levels

1Increase resident living space

LG Multi V™ 5 indoor units open up floor space! Make the most of all your communal living areas
and provide more room for your residents’ personal items and furniture to give the facility that
all-important at-home feeling. Increased floor space means more room to make the individual
rooms feel more familiar and opens pathways for flow, safety and accessibility.

With LG Multi V™ 5 outdoor units, take advantage of their smaller
footprint, lighter weight, and longer refrigerant piping capabilities,
when considering placement options.

Real estate comes at a cost, so let LG help
maximize the value of every square foot.

2Provide a quiet,
peaceful environment

Your residents appreciate a good night’s sleep, with minimal noise. LG’s VRF systems are an excellent choice with indoor and outdoor units engineered to deliver a peaceful environment.

The quieter operation of the outdoor unit opens up more options for outdoor unit placement, too. Many Multi V™ 5 outdoor units have been placed on rooftops and next to recreation areas due to their smaller footprint and lower sound operation.

3Make every resident comfortable

LG’s VRF systems put comfort control in your hands by allowing for individual temperature management in each zone, and our heat recovery systems allow for simultaneous heating and cooling to help make everyone comfortable. Put every resident in control of their comfort with zone-by-zone control, while maintaining central operation capabilities. LG offers the MultiSITE™ connectivity suite which integrates with your new or existing IT infrastructure.
Illustrated cross-section of one hotel level, including lobby, sleeping and exercise areas

Whether it’s your new construction project or an existing structures’ specific needs, you can be confident knowing LG product options can help you satisfy the unique challenges multi-housing buildings pose.

Once your new LG system is in place and you see your residents feeling relaxed and comfortable, you’ll know you made the right choice.